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the new village green

“We want Camp Meade to be the place where we all want to hang out.”


Camp Meade presently is a nexus  of creative excellence in the food provider and artistic community worlds.  Our current businesses work hard to embody these values.  Our desire is to continue on that path by inviting other food makers, artists and artisans who match our vision to join us at Camp Meade as we grow.


The Green at Camp Meade will become a gathering place for events and social congress of all kinds.  In this day and age of electronic and virtual connection  we need to have places that bring us all together as friends and neighbors in the age old traditions of Town Meetings.  The importance of the communal lunch or dinner at Town Meeting cannot be under estimated.   


We will begin with Eat Up at The Green events.  The Eat Ups will be  afternoon and evenings, Sundays, in the Summer and Fall.  These Eat Ups on the Green at Camp Meade will feature various food makers and a variety of art and music and performance offerings.



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